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The SlideWiki Association's goal is to further develop the objectives of the SlideWiki Project (SlideWiki EU Project - EU ICT-20-2015). The SlideWiki EU project started 2016 with seventeen partners from Europe and Brazil using the award-winning open-source SlideWiki platform from germany as a basis. All project goals aiming at creating a large scale accessible learning and teaching platform using educational technology, skill recognition and global collaboration.

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OpenCourseWare platform

If you are looking for the SlideWiki Authoring platform for OpenCourseWare, visit

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Developers Page

Developers Page

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Be part of SlideWiki

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The SlideWiki Association is closely linked to the SlideWiki project and thus shares and supports its interests. The Association aspires to help the SlideWiki project realise its aims and objectives more effectively as well as maintain and further develop the visions of the SlideWiki project at an international level and beyond the project’s duration.


The SlideWiki Association‘s main goal is to support the SlideWiki Project in the achievement and realization of its ideas and objectives. The focus of the SlideWiki Association lies on increasing the efficiency, effictiveness and quality of the project process. 

In particular, we will pursue the following goals:

  • to further extend and mature the collaborative open courseware authoring platform SlideWiki in particular in the areas scalability, usability, accessibility, learning analytics and multi-platform delivery,
  • Fostering greater connection between formal, non-formal and informal learning and remove obstacles for ubiquitous learning,
  • to integrate the platform with additional tools and services in particular with existing Learning management systems, MOOC delivery platforms and social networks,
  • to thoroughly validate and test the collaborative open courseware authoring platform in large-scale, real world usage scenarios in four complementary domains,
  • to create a critical mass of content, users, awareness and supporting organizations to transform SlideWiki into a sustainable OpenCourseWare content creation ecosystem (similar to Wikipedia for encyclopedic content, GitHub for software or OpenStreetMaps for spatial data).
  • Aiming at reducing the current restrictions of time and physical space in learning and teaching.
  • Providing solutions for children and adults with mental or physical disabilities who undergo general education, lifelong learning or vocational training.




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