Join the SlideWiki Association

If you would like to become a member of the SlideWiki Association, please go directly to the application form.

Benefits to join the association 


  • as a member organisation you can send a representative to the Advisory Committee (AC)
  • influence the development of SlideWiki
  • be elected to one of the two Board of Trustee seats reserved for the AC
  • have high-level discussion on where SlideWiki should go

Sponsoring Member

  • being a sponsoring member is a taxable service
  • we will add a link from your logo back to your organisation
  • we will mention you at events and on the website


Membership Types and benefits

Membership applicants of the SlideWiki Association can request a membership fee reduction. For further details contact

  Self-employment; Startup Research Institute & Organisation Sponsoring Organisation
Member fee 100 – 250€ 1250 – 5000€ 15,000€
Mentionitng in member list
Networking at events
Ability to upload backlinks to Github
Community channels for support e.g. mailing list
Association contact
Access to training/ mentoring opportunities
Represenation in Advisory Committee
Support for adding backlinks to your data und see who is linking to you  


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